Shawn Allen Kringstad

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Shawn Kringstad

Artist Statement

These particular images on this page are video c-prints from various videos made from Shawn Kringstad.

This is the artist page of Shawn Allen Kringstad. Images, video c-prints, and art are all for sale and are all available for gallery showings.

As a person who is engulfed in multimedia, I find meaning in everything around me that is bathed in light and color while emerged in motion. Simple things such as the movement of natural light from a sunset to the unnatural excitement from the motion of traffic lights at night; are the reason I enjoy creating art. We are in a world of constant motion, friction, and constant change, which is how I interpret my own artwork. Layers of light, color and motion make up my abstract videos that appear chaotic at times, while photography allows me to control the chaos with in each element I choose to capture. As a fine artist, I feel I embrace time, subject matter, and meaning differently with each medium that I choose, which allows me to unleash a multifaceted range of ideas through the work that I complete. 

  The area of abstraction is a very exciting aspect of art to me because I am able to take two, three, four or more layers of video dealing with light, color and motion and combine them together to create a new, undiscovered surface or plane of two dimensional chaos which to me represents a universal creation of substance, life, and death. Creating abstract videos gives me the power to bring chaos and order to the viewer so they may have a front row seat and a time enhanced experience that they would rarely ever feel through intense waves of luminance and chrominance that seems to give birth to forms while almost instantly dying off to allow for the next generation to thrive. In part, I have been influenced by many abstract expressionism and color field artists such as Kandinsky, Pollock, and Rothko to name a few. These artists have not only influenced my life through their personal work, habits, and styles, they have made powerful statements with abstractions that will reverberate through history and to future artists around the world. Besides making the abstract digital video, I use C-Prints to allow me to take a single frame from the digital world and transform them into a physical material that represents the absent digital space while applying it to a real world print.     

  On the other hand, I have also been influenced by street and documentation photography though out my life. Capturing moments that seem to freeze through time simply because the people, nature, and objects take up a particular space at a given moment. I have always enjoy photography as a way to release energy, combat stress, and to produce enjoyment in my life while capturing life, natural settings, and the many pockets of silence around me. The relationship between my camera and myself is very strong, I feel that I must know the ins and outs of my camera to correctly judge the exposure and the essence of the image itself while the format of the digital camera allows me to create a pleasant composition for my viewers. I enjoy many aspects of photography such as canvassing the shot, preparing the image, and finally editing the final product.

‚Äč   The magic seems to happen when I combine photography with my abstract videos. The stillness of the image combined with the rapid motion of the abstract seems to bring out another level to both of the mediums. When they mix, I feel there is a strong connection of meaning (based off of the photograph) with air of the unknown (from the abstract video). Both mediums bring in vastly different forms, spaces, and weight from the complete to the minutely abstract. Being able to combine these elements is an important part of my artistic journey because in the days of digital design, I believe that there is an important discovery in blending and creating new forms that have never (or may never) exist on this earth, other than in a non existent space where digital play is possible.